Merel Boers

Cofounder and Chief research officer at Nico.lab

"I have been working with NLC for a couple of years. From the first moment, NLC saw opportunities where I didn’t. Without the expertise and commitment of NLC, Nico.lab simply wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t be able to help stroke patients this day"

Rob de Ree

Former CEO Dezima Pharma

"From my experience with healthtech startups I see that there is a need for parties such as NLC. What's more, NLC has a talented and balanced team."

David Robbert Koolbergen

MD, PhD Congenital Cardiac surgeon

“As a physician, I lack the knowledge and expertise to start a business and do not have time to get more education on this topic. NLC does have this expertise, and can therefore cover the new business information for me, so I can still focus on my clinical work”

Eric Gerritsen

Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

"It is fantastic that medical specialists belonging to an association can stimulate medical innovation in the Netherlands, together with NLC"

Joris Jaspers

Associate professor at UMC Utrecht and CTO at Lapara Surgical BV

"As a researcher and product innovator, I don't have the knowledge or expertise to translate a research prototype into business. NLC saw the business opportunity and has the expertise and network to bring the MIA to the clinic. NLC built the Lapara team, combining the complementary expertise of its members, in which I now participate. This way I can focus on my expertise and strengths, while learning a lot from my colleagues, both at Lapara Surgical and at NLC."

Rocco van den Berg

Innovation Lead at Philips Healthworks

"NLC convinces and stimulates the innovator to start-up a company. NLC will provide you the best people to make the startup a succes. This is very interesting for Philips, this is the very critical first step."

Roel Melsert

Director Sanquinnovate

"Through our cooperation with NLC, the conversion of promising SanQuin research ideas into succesful and market-oriented product development will be accelerated."

W. Bemelman, MD

Surgeon at AMC

"As an surgeon I have many new ideas that aren't always used, but thanks to NLC I'm now operating on patients with my ons innovation. Isn't that great?"


Business Developer at TU/e Innovation Lab

“We are particularly impressed with the structured approach of NLC to quickly evaluate the commercial potential of new medical inventions and the caliber of potential CEOs that NLC is able to recruit for our joint spin-off cases”

Hendrik Verschuur

ENT Specialist, MCH

"Contributing from my field of knowledge to innovative solutions during the NLC formation phase really compliments my work as an ENT specialist."